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Finding A Catchy Business Name With Basic Marketing

If you’re trying to dream up catchy brand names for your new business idea, the Internet is probably the best tool that you have. Simple brainstorming and making use of random name generators and tools you can find all over the Internet, makes it easy to quickly build a suitable list of names that you can consider as branding possibilities.

Compiling a catchy business names list may be less of a challenge than finally settling on a name for your business. I’d like to share with you today a relatively cheap, though very scientific, method of determining just how responsive people will be to your new business name, or whether it tends to fall flat. Before you commit your time and resources to the enterprise you will build, you have only one chance to move forward with an business identity that memorably describes what you do.

Ideally you would conduct a marketing study to get real-life opinions from as many people as possible as to just how memorable different names from your initial list are. The larger and more varied this group is in terms of the individuals whose opinions you solicit, the more reliable your test will be as an indicator of stimulating interest in your new brand name. So how would a new, small-scale business engage in a marketing study like this whose cost is appropriate or in-line with the amount of revenue its owner can expect to generate? Excellent question.

There are many ways to conduct a brand marketing study, but Google Adwords offers easy-to-set-up campaigns for which your spending is easily controlled. Through the straightforward interface, you can feature each of your short-list of names in the small text ads that Google serves up its search results, the Gmail sidebar and other places, then quickly get an indication of just how ‘catchy’ each one is, as measured by the number of clicks that each receives. There are endless options for targeting potential customers in any geographical area that you specify. The learning curve is manageable, if your purpose is to simply determine the viability of catchy business names.

Use of this method is by no means limited to discovering excellent names for your business. Product names, titles or any sort of brand can be assessed with a scientific marketing campaign that is a necessary complement to brainstorming, inspiration and “feel”, that you’ll use to compile your original list of names.

In the book The Four Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss memorably describes how he actually came up with the name for his bestselling book using this method. He and his publisher had settled on a small pool of working titles when Ferriss, knowing full well the enormity of this choice, took the bull by the horns and ran a small Adwords campaign himself to get some hard data regarding a catchy name. It turned out that the name that they eventually chose was far and away the name that got the best response, and has no doubt contributed to the huge success of the book: talk about return on investment!

Don’t leave the final selection of an easy to remember name for your business to gut feeling, or nothing but your own opinion. Apply some good data on what actually works to your initial list of catchy business names by analyzing what names people actually respond to, and one smart way to do this is by running a small Adwords campaign.

Where To Find Catchy Business Names

When you make the decision to start your own business, one of the first things you need to do is to come up with a great name that will draw clients and potential customers alike. This name should of course not be offensive to anyone, as you could be unknowingly driving away sales. There are other factors you might use to filter out inferior business names from good business names, but for most people, dreaming up a name to start with is initially the biggest challenge. If you are serious about this new business idea, and you had better be, spending a nominal amount of money on a business name generator might be all the solution you need.

If you have the time to invest what are other ways come up with catchy business names? Naturally the internet is a great place to go for a list of memorable branding possibilities: appeal to your favorite search engine! One advantage we have nowadays in determining whether a thing is original or not is that the web is international, so you’ll also be able to find out if a name you like has already been taken by a company no matter where they are located in the world.

You will also find catchy names for businesses that are already making waves. When you do your name search, go into it as a simple consumer. Look and search for companies within your chosen industry or sector and make notes of what speak to you or what names entice you to want to look further or follow the link to go to the company’s website.

You can spend a lot of time brainstorming for catchy brand names, but the challenge is to eventually commit and move forward to the actual building of your business. Good business names are necessary for establishing your company’s momentum, so vital in the early stages particularly, but a compelling moniker constitutes little more than a viable foundation. If you find a brandable name you like, do more research to make sure it isn’t already taken, and then you can start to register your name as a domain. Remember too not to neglect the informal, though extremely vital places to tell the world about your new name and brand, such as on social networking sites. Even if you do not want to use them now, it would be a shame if when you’re ready to get started with social networking your exciting business name has already been snatched up by someone else on Facebook or Twitter. Remember, your business name might be the key element of your brand as a means of promoting your product or services. As time goes on, ‘new media’ like Twitter and Facebook stand to absorb a lot of people’s attention, and that very probably includes your customers as well. Connecting your name to those online destinations is utterly essential, the earlier the better.

In any case, ask the opinion of everyone you trust about your new name, because sifting through your initial list of catchy business names is a perfect example of harnessing the ‘wisdom of crowds’. Better to make an impression of some kind on people you’re actually trying to target, rather than desperately trying for the ‘perfect’ brand and name.