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A List Of Catchy Business Names

Catchy business names can make or break fledgling startups. For both customers and investors, first impressions are greatly affected by what a business plans to call itself. In this way a catchy business name for a new company might be the difference between success and failure. Fortunately, putting some effort into really nailing a business name will pay huge rewards if you can get it right.

And, rather than spending a lot of money, if you or a member of your team has a moment of true inspiration and hit a descriptive name that both fits your business and is memorable, then you might just have a brand that will amplify all of your subsequent marketing efforts.

A critical first step is to make a list of quality names using tools on the internet, which can be immensely helpful in the early stages of planning and development. Also, as you immerse yourself in this task you’ll save time and money by checking the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, to see if a name is taken before you go about registering it as a domain name or creating marketing campaigns.

While most small business owners have some general idea of how they want to brand themselves, choosing a name is never easy, and carries with it the weight of the entire enterprise. After all, a name is the one part of a business that tends to stay the same over the years. As a business grows, modernizes, and makes changes to its business model, the one consistent aspect of that business is its name.

This is how customers know a company; this is how they relate to a company and its culture, and how they begin to build brand loyalty. With a random name generator, easily found on the Internet, one can compile a list of catchy business names from which it’s possible to simply choose a name that fits, get ideas from existing names, or develop a combination of the names that suit the needs of any business. Don’t ignore input that friends and family provide, as their reactions to business names that you run by them, favorable or not, will most likely mirror that of your potential customers. Continue reading

A Catchy Name For Your New Business And Being Found Online

Once you have decided to take the plunge and turn that idea that you’ve had for a business into a real moneymaking enterprise, the first thing you need to do is come up with a list of catchy business names from which to pick a name that is worthy of all the money and hours that you’re about to invest. Fortunately tools available to you on the Internet make branding your business yourself a lot easier than it used to be. We can recommend the Names & Brands business name generator as a spectacularly effective and easy to use set of tools. There is a new rule you need to remember though, because in the last ten years there has been a change in the criteria as to what constitutes a strong business name that’s going to be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.

Certainly you will use random name generators, easily found for free on the Internet, for your initial list of catchy company names. Also, enlist the aid of friends and relatives who will gladly help you with naming your new business. But as you consider name candidates, here’s a basic rule for creating catchy company names that will also help you be found by potential customers via search engines: Continue reading